When The Front Row Becomes The Main Event

While New York’s fashion week is winding down, all the fashionistas are currently exchanging their favorite Fashion Week moments, including who was sitting in the front row of what shows. 

Fashion Week was full of innovative style from fresh and veteran designers. All giving us a preview of what to look forward to in the spring of 2014. However, the front row is show itself. All the bloggers and writers pay just as much attention to the runway as they do to the celebrities that are attending. To be honest, celebrities set the fashion trends just as much as the designers. Every fashion blog has a slideshow filled with fashion week trends of what celebrities wore.

The E network recently had a special, called “The Secrets of Fashion Week,” where Guiliana Rancic posed questions to different designers and trendsetters about their fashion week experience. She even asked the daring question, should the front row be reserved for editors and buyers, rather than celebrities and do they take away from the actual show. Which is something to think about. But all in all, celebrities, editors, bloggers, buyers and designers of course are all a big part of fashion.

Fashion for Thoughts

-Nya-Gabriella Peets(@prettypeets_ )

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