J. Cole Uses His Brand for Good


This weekend, rapper J.Cole premiered his video for ‘Crooked Smile,’ similar to the star’s ‘Power Trip’ video, the new video told an enticing story that would leave you breathless in the end. It sent a compelling message to the government about our nation’s war on drugs and innocent victims that were lost on the way.

The video opens with J.Cole and a DEA who are going through similar morning routines. It highlights the time they spend with the little girls in their lives, who also have their own relationship to one another. J.Cole goes through his day celebrating his little sister’s birthday, while the DEA is preparing for a raid on J. Cole’s house. The video comes to a climatic end, when the officers raid his house and accidentally shoot his little sister. Along with J. Cole, the viewer has to watch the police bring out the young girls body.

In the end credits, he dedicates the video to Aiyana Stanley-Jones and ask that we “reconsider our war on drugs.” J. Cole does a great job of using his brand to make his fans and the world aware of issues many people choose to ignore. This is not a first for him. On J. Coles Friday Night Lights mixtape, he has a song called “See World,” where he brings our attention to the murder of young Shaniya Davis. He uses his celebrity to provoke tough discussion.

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  1. Floyd says:

    Love j. Cole. Keep the articles coming.

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