Twitter Beef Brings Brand Exposure

Chris Brown's 19th birthday celebration


In case you missed it, Teyana Taylor and Rihanna got into a heated twitter beef Tuesday night. It all began when Tayana posted an Instagram video with her singing an Anita Baker song, then Rihanna posted an Instagram video with her hairdresser wearing a curly wig singing the same song. Needless to say spectators assumed she was making fun of Teyana Taylor and the gloves came off. The two went back and forth making very crass comments, Rihanna commented Teyana’s low earnings compared to her’s and Teyana went on to question Rihanna’s promiscuity. Nevertheless it was pretty bad.

But some can’t help but to question whether this was a publicity stunt. Immediately once the entertainers stopped going at it, they went on to promote their new ventures. Rihanna promoted her new MAC line, which releases in stores today and Teyana talked about her new sneakers she is releasing. So was this planned or did the two (very smart) entertainers capitalize on the moment. Something to think about.

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