Michael J. Fox is Back, Doing What He Does Best


Michael J. Fox has returned to television with a NBC family sitcom, loosely based on his life. His character is a famous retired news anchor who struggles with his Parkison’s disease and is trying to get back into the news. It show’s his daily struggles and his commitment to overcoming it and getting back into the industry he loves, which is true for Michael J. Fox himself.

The famous actor most known for Family Ties. Back to the Future and Spin City was diagnosed in 1991, he has been very open about it with the media and his fans. The long time actor had to step away from the business, due to the fact that his disease was interfering with his performance on Spin City.  Although Fox has not starred in a sitcom since Spin City, the actor has made numerous guest appearances since then, including Boston Legal, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Good Wife.

Fox has over time become the face of Parkisons, with that he has taken it a step further. The actor has taken a brave step by opening up about his health and life struggles and turn it into a sitcom. Fox is using his brand affiliation with the disease to spark a discussion that many are afraid to have. Often times celebrities use their brand or controversies to bring them more money. However, Fox is using his celebrity to bring attention to a disease that he and a million other Americans struggle.

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  1. dance mom says:

    So inspired by this story. Keep the positive articles coming. I love this blog !!!!!

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