Lebron’s $50,000 Watch


You cannot be a male fashion trendsetter without the perfect watch to pair with your outfit, so Lebron James decided to make his own. Well, not literally. The Miami Heat Star has partnered with renown watch makers, Audemars Piguet to make a limited edition watch with Lebron James name on the back of it.

Audemars Piguet saw James’ brand appeal and decided he would be a great pick to represent their new limited edition watch line. His image aligns with Audemars Piguet, which exemplifies sophistication and style. The company has created only 600 pieces at the price of $51,000. The watch is refined, masculine and of course sporty; made from pink gold and titanium and a crocodile strap.


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  1. Mit Otte says:

    LeBron James’ new watch is in very poor taste and when he expresses himself outside of the realm of basketball his total lack of education and correct speech is apparent. Would the late Arthur Ash want to hang with LeBron? Come on! This brings me to the point….. respect a great athlete and player for what they accomplish on the court or on the field not for any positive model for young black or white school boys or girls.

    1. Mit Otte says:

      All Americans need to separate sports entertainers from individuals who we want our children to consider as roll models. Also the media and product promoters need to take on a little responsibility when covering sports stars out of the realm of their line of expertise. Arthur Ash was an example of a sports figure whose education, demeanor, etc. made him of special value in possible influencing young people but the media needs to avoid asking sports stars .questions that are out of place or out of their realm of intelligence. Remember when Charles Barkley replied to a journalist
      “nuke um” to either Iraq or Russia conflicts.

  2. jo says:

    Great watch but ill wait to get it at a consignment shop?

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