Drake Is Now Welcomed In The Locker Room


Drake will no longer be turned away from a NBA locker room… at lease when it comes to the Toronto Raptors. This Monday the Canadian rapper and long time Raptors’ fan has been crowned the teams ambassador.

Drake gladly threw on a suit and graciously accepted his role, promising to give his team all he has to offer to help re-brand the team. He even joked about the incident in Miami saying, “I think that’ll be the last time I ever get shut out of a locker room.” He is not the only rapper adding the NBA to their business portfolio. Drake joins Will Smith who owns a stake with the 76ers and most famously Jay-Z who owns a stock with the Brooklyn Nets.

As we have seen with Jay-Z and the Brooklyn Nets, when a rapper partners with a NBA team it can do wonders for the brand. We watched Jay-Z move the Nets from New Jersey to Brooklyn, revamp their image, and boost their exposure. So time will only tell how Drake’s brand can help the brand of the Toronto Raptors. Maybe new uniforms? Or Young Money on the floor of the games? Either way, it’s a beautiful partnership.

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  1. Floyd says:

    Oh, interesting article.

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