Do Miley’s Publicity Stunts Work with the Average Student?

Parents were appalled, the media was shocked, but no asked how Miley Cyrus’ peers felt about her recent media frenzy.

On August 25th Miley Cyrus performed at MTV’s annual Video Music Awards (VMAs) and people could not stop talking about. She dressed in a bear suit, sung a song about molly, then she stripped down to a nude latex two piece suite and twerked on Robin Thicke. Needless to say jaws dropped.

From then on, the conversation about Miley Cyrus has not stopped . She had a record breaking video from her song ‘Wrecking Ball,’ where she appeared nude riding an actual wrecking ball. Next, Miley posed naked on the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine and people kept talking. Then when there just wasn’t enough, rumors started to stir around that she was pregnant with Juicy J’s baby. Finally, once people became intrigued and obsessed with the “new” Miley, MTV announced her documentary ‘Miley: The Movement,’ which aired October 2nd and set to air again October 6th. The documentary gives fans or anyone who is interested a look into Miley’s life during the course of these recent scandals.

All of this publicity, which strategically leads up to the release of her album ‘Bangerz.’ But will this constant PR work in her favor? Will her market of young adults give into the publicity stunts and and buy her album? Will these scandals lead to record album sales? To find out, Branded Business went to ask a potential buyer, to hear how he feels about the recent Miley scandals.


Shaun Francis is a senior broadcast journalism major from Hampton University. So not only has he been following the movement of Miley Cyrus, but he is familiar with the business of media and how celebrities could use it to their advantage. When asked about the twerking fiasco at the VMAs, he seemed not to take it too seriously and even found it humorous. However, when it came to hearing more about Miley and her thoughts on life, like in her Rolling Stone interview and documentary, Shaun was curious to hear more about her. In the end, after all of her constant publicity Shaun was not convinced. It came across that he was curious about her strategies and thoughts, but was not curious enough to buy her album. It seems as though Miley lost a sale, but that is only one out of many.



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