Rihanna Expands Her Business Portfolio



The Grammy award winning singer, Rihanna, has not stopped at singing. The singer has been busy releasing perfume lines, make-up lines, starring in her own music videos and now producing her own fashion competition on Bravo.

Whether you are part of the Rihanna Navy or just sing along to one of her hits, then you know Rihanna is very into fashion. So it was no surprise when fans found out she was producing Styled to Rock, a fashion designer competition. The show consists of 12 contestants, who were hand-picked by Rihanna herself. The contestants are mentored by Pharrell Williams, super model Erin Wasson and Rihanna’s personal stylist Mel Ottenberg. The contestants are competitng for a chance to have a spread in Glamour magazine, be on Rihanna’s design team and $100,000!

The Glamour magazine spread, as part of the prize did not come as a big surprise, since the singer is featured on the magazine’s cover this month. Now that’s good PR.

Rihanna featured on Glamour's November cover.
Rihanna featured on Glamour’s November cover.

The show premiered Friday,  Oct. 25th at  8 PM on Bravo. It came across as a star studded version of Project Runway. The demographic for these two shows are clearly different. The viewer of Project Runway maybe more into high fashion and high end design houses, while on the other hand the viewer of Styled to Rock is more in to pop culture and may have a love for fashion and music. The show gives a fresher, edgier take on fashion. Branded Business will be sure to keep a watch for eye on Styled to Rock and Miss Fenty.

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