12 Years A Slave…Left Out In The Cold



This past Monday, Oct. 21 Hampton University offered a free pre-screening of ’12 Years A Slave’ on campus. The movie is a narrative about Solomon Northrup, an African-American citizen of New York who was kidnapped into slavery in 1841 and was not rescued until 1853.

For the historically black university, Hampton University, it was an exciting event. Many of the students who take pride in going to an HBCU were looking forward to seeing the movie, which told another part of history that many like to brush under the rug.

However, much of that excitement turned into frustration when the doors opened at 6 PM. Students quickly realized that they were not only competing with each other for seats, but also the general public. Little to their knowledge, the event was advertised on campus and to the general public, using media outlets such as The Daily Press. This lack of communication led to much disappointment throughout the student body, because many of the students were assigned to the viewing as an assignment, including myself.

Students were turned away within ten minutes of the doors opening. However, for the students that did make it inside, they found it to be a very enlightening experience and were grateful for the opportunity.

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