Another Reason to Spend Hours on YouTube



Everyone has had that moment where they go on YouTube to look up something really quickly and when they look up, hours have passed and they are stuck wondering where did the time go. If you are not already addicted to YouTube, the entertainment brand has created another reason to spend hours on their site and that reason is YouTube Music Awards.

The award show will feature performances from Lady Gaga, Eminem, M.I.A, Tyler the Creator, Arcade Fire, Earl Sweatshirt and many more. The inaugural YouTube Music Awards will premiere today at 6 p.m ET on their website and you can also catch it here on Branded Business.


YouTube has catapulted many music careers, the most well-know example is that of Justin Bieber. In addition, YouTube and the music industry go hand-in-hand. Many music artists use the website for promotional purposes, such as music videos or interviews where they may talk about their newest project. So, it is not surprising that the brand has decided to award different music artists, YouTube is taking music beyond how many likes, and giving artist tangible awards for their hard work. This fresh and new venture is great PR for all parties involved, YouTube gets more recognition and traffic to their site, artists are invited to perform their latest songs, and if an artist wins a category, it is a press worthy moment for them, which leads to more great PR.

Enjoy the show!

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