Legitamite Tweet or #ad?

twitter-promoted-mobile_1020-2_large_verge_medium_landscapeWe all know about those ‘promoted’ hashtags or tweets on twitter by major corporations and we continue to roll our eyes, because it is just another ad, but what about the ads we don’t even notice.

CNN has reported that many celebrities are being paid to tweet about their favorite products. It is not much of a surprise, because celebrity endorsements provide brand recognition and validity. When celebrities have millions of followers, such as Katy Perry with forty-two million followers, it is safe to say that celebrities have a great influence with such a big influence, which creates the perfect situation for these mini advertisements.

Many fans follow their favorite celebrities on twitter and hang on every word they say. More often than none, consumers are simply using a product, because a celebrity has raved about how well it has worked for them and it is sure to work for you. When we watch commercials on television with Beyonce for foundation or Tina Fey for the perfect hair dye, we swear it must be a good product, but soon remember that these celebrities have makeup artists and hairstylists to help make them perfect. So, when it comes to twitter fans feel relieved that celebrities are speaking candidly about the same product or something new. But that tweet. we have learned, could also be an ad.


However, is it fair to push these products on to millions of fans without their knowledge to make some quick cash? Shouldn’t consumers know when they’re being targeted for a product? Well the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) thinks so. The FTC has requested that is the tweet is an advertisement than add #ad to keep consumers aware. It sounds like a great solution, but what FTC official is getting paid to monitor every tweet and make sure it has #ad attached to it. Just like consumers, if the FTC is monitoring, they won’t know if a celebrity is genuinely happy about a product or being paid to act genuinely happy about a product.

In a world of capitalism, celebrities do have the right to make money off of their brand that they have worked so hard to create. However, what would be nice is an honest brand. If you truly love a product, then great, tell us all about it. But, if you’re getting paid to tell us all about, then just use the hashtag, so that you still get paid and the consumer or fans know where they stand.

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