Chris Brown: Bad Boy or Businessman

tumblr_mr5d2nApF91rirxvyo1_500Celebrity collaborations and endorsements are usually on a decline when a celebrity is surrounded by negative publicity or seen in a negative light, but this is not the case for grammy award winner, Chris Brown.

The singer has recently been in the news for getting in a fight outside of his hotel in Washington, D.C. Chris Brown was sentenced to rehab. But, his criminal charges did not hinder his opportunity to work with backpack fashion giants, Sprayground.

Sprayground is a functional, but very fashion-forward backpack company. The company self describes their bags as “the rebel bag.” Their bags have been worn by Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, of course.

Brown has been reported making a promo video in California for his special edition backpacks. Although, many see Chris Brown as a bad boy and many endorsements shy away. Sprayground and him have each used to their advantage. The brand describing their product as a “rebel bag,”then it is a no brainer that they would collaborate with the rebel of the industry right now. Both brands seem to fit well with one another to make an exciting line.The new line is set to release next week with the starting price of $100


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  1. Just Swift says:

    He just came in the game too young without a good mentor

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