Jay-Z Moves Forward with Barney’s


Previously, Branded Business reported the collaboration with Barney’s for a holiday fashion line. Since then, a lot has happened to question whether the fashion line was still a go.

Barney’s has recently been accussed of racial profiling, because they assumed two young African-Americans could not afford their purchases and had them questioned by authorities. According to the Huffington Post, an anonymous Barney’s employee came forward to say that racism in the store was not rare. With Jay-Z himself being an African-American man, all eyes were on him.

Jay-Z released a statement on his website, Life & Times,  saying that he would not make a rash decision and would like to wait for all the facts, because he would not the be making a profit from the line. The proceeds are set to help economically challenged students attain a higher education. On that same site, over the weekend Jay-Z announced that he would move forward with Barney’s, however he would play a leading role in solving their racial profiling problem.

Although Jay-Z’s line, “A New York Holiday,” is still a go, his launch party was not. According to WWD, the party was cancelled due to “unforseen circumstances.”

Even though Jay-Z is trying to do the right thing and move forward with the venture that could be beneficial for others, it is hard to tell whether people will feel the same way. Not only will the line help others, but something bigger will come out of the scandal itself. It is possible, that Jay-Z’s influence will put an end to racism and make the Barney’s brand more appealing to a bigger, hipper and younger market of consumers.


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