Skype Gives an Inside Look to the Fashion World



Skype announced Tuesday, December 3rd their latest project, The Skype Collaboration Project,’ which is a hub for fashion fans and students to get an inside look of the fashion industry.

The brand will allow students and creatives to interact with photographers, stylists, designers and more through instant messaging, video messaging and group video with innovators such as Teddy Fitzhugh, Apolis, and Jonnie Craig. The platform will enable and spark innovative conversations.

Starting in January, Skype will give an intense behind-the-scenes access to the journey of fashion designer Victoria Beckham. The platform will allow an introduction to her fashion team and an in-depth view of her business as she works toward the Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2014 Ready-To-Wear show at New York Fashion Week. It will show what it takes to launch and sustain a fashion label. Then, following NYFW, Skype will allow viewers to submit questions to their “In Conversation With” panel with Victoria Beckham, herself.

This is a great opportunity for Skype to show that they are more than a communicative tool, but also an incubator for creatives. It is always great to use technology to teach and show a side that many people do not get to see, especially with the fashion world, where many feel it is such an untouchable industry.

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