Beyonce & Jay-Z Changing the Music Business


It is no secret that the music industry has been struggling since the beginning of piracy and the industry has been in need of new ways to drive consumers to buy, instead of download. But, music moguls Jay-Z and Beyonce have not strayed away from technology and effects, but have embraced it.

Friday, December 13th, at the stoke of midnight Beyonce released her visual album exclusively on iTunes. The self titled album, ‘Beyonce’, includes 14 tracks and 17 music videos. She never said when it would be released or did any press for the album at all prior  to the release. All Beyonce did was one single announcement on Instagram and her “Beyhive” started buzzing. The PR, or lack of for this project was nothing less than genius. She created a totally fresh take on a music album and the secret of the release made everyone not only intrigued, but it got them talking. When morning came, everyone, from fans to news outlets were talking about album. Beyonce created a new infrastructure for a music album,  with exclusive music videos for every song and few extra that you can only get through iTunes, which definitely entices a consumer to buy.

The album is innovative, fresh, and sexy. Beyonce gives her audience the persona that they love and she gives them something new, too. In many of the videos she is sexy and provocative. She reinvented herself to draw her fans and potential new ones in. The strategy worked, because almost immediately the album went #1 in 90 countries.

Beyonce is only one half of the musical power couple who has invented to new ways to release music. Over the summer, husband Jay-Z made a deal with Samsung that would push and promote his music in a new way. He  announced this deal in a creative way itself. Jay-Z  starred in three minute commercial during the NBA Finals along the side of other music industry heavyweights, including Pharrell, Rick Rubin, Timberland and Swiss Beatz. The $5 million would give 1 million users with a Samsung phone would receive the ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ album days before the release through an app. Through Jay-Z’s actions and smart deals he keeps reiterating his famous quote, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.”

The way that these two keep moving and making deals, it is no wonder that they were named the most profitable celebrity couple by Forbes. Can’t wait to see what their next what their next move is.

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