Why Kanye May Want to Clean Up His Brand

Kim and Kanye in the midst of paprazzi
Kim and Kanye in the midst of paparazzi

Kanye West is currently in the middle of an investigation for battery, for an incident that occurred this past Monday. Allegedly, Kanye attacked an 18-year-old man who was ranting racial slurs to the paparazzi, Kim Kardashian and Kanye. According to witnesses, Kanye reacted by punching the young man.

We currently live in a society with a black president and gay marriage is becoming the norm, so gay or racial slurs are highly looked down upon. If this incident did not involve the infamous Kimye, who seem to be in the spotlight for foolishness and anger tyrants (especially Kanye), than the media would have rallied around them. Due to the hate that is associated with those words, it can sometimes be enough to make someone want to punch the assailant in the face.

However, because Kanye has had a history of anger issues and violence this incident has been brushed aside as another “Kanye incident.” Kanye’s tarnished brand, to some, has affected people’s reaction to this incident. When it comes to this investigation people will see angry Kanye and a young victim rather than a racist antagonist and a victim. It’s hard to see Kanye West as victim when his brand is associated with violence and/or anger.

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