Barbie the New Unapologetic Feminist?

1392243682-why-barbie-posed-sports-illustrated-2Last week, there was a lot of talk when Barbie announced she would appear in Sports Illustrated 50th Swimsuit edition. The partnership came about in celebration of the magazine’s big anniversary and to bring awareness to Mattel’s Barbie brand, that many have forgotten about.

The two brands got exactly what they were looking for, publicity. Many feel that this partnership promotes more than just a brand, but the ill ideals of what a woman should look like. Feminist in America were appalled and had a lot to say, including Barbie herself.

Yesterday, in the New York Times Barbie wrote and open letter and signed it, “Barbie, #unapologetic.” The doll tell the history of her creation, her evolution, her reasoning for posing for Sports Illustrated and her impact on women and girls.

She states “I, for one, am honored to join the legendary swimsuit models. The word “model,” like the word “Barbie,” is often dismissed as a poseable plaything with nothing to say. And yet, those featured are women who have broken barriers, established empires, built brands, branched out into careers as varied authors, entrepreneurs and philanthropist. They are all great examples of confident and competent women”

Surprisingly to some, the doll made a good point. Women, especially pretty ones are dismissed, not because they do not have anything to say, but because they are only seen as a pretty face. Women are capable of so much more than posing and looking pretty, but some choose to do both. Sometimes society sends a message that it is a crime to be intelligent and pretty, so you have to choose just one. However, there are many pretty faces that are taking over many industries. If a woman chooses to pose for swimsuit magazine and build a brand, then that is sign of a true feminist, because she knows she can do anything.

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