New Faces Board the American Apparel Sinking Ship


While Terry Richardson skid under the alleged pedophile radar, Dov Charney and the American Apparel were not as lucky. Since sexual allegations and a history of inappropriate sexual  behavior has surfaced about Dov Charney, the CEO of American Apparel, the media has been saturated with news about the brand and it’s alleged perverted leader.

To salvage the brand, American Apparel has announced the suspension of the CEO to investigate his frisky activities. The most recent news that has consumers talking about the brand is the announcement of new boards. Hopefully, people that can bring the brand out of the trenches and shows that they are turning a new leaf.

The four new board members’ roles will take effect August 2nd. Two of the members, David Glazek and Thomas Sullivan, seem to not to peak the interest of people as much as the other two. The other two that people are buzzing about is Colleen Brown, the first woman to sit on the American Apparel board and Joseph Magnacca, the CEO of RadioShack.

Bringing on the first female board member is no coincidence of timing, but pure strategy. For American Apparel to bring on female, put her in a powerful seat, and putting Charney on suspension shows the brand is acknowledging what is going on, actively taking action and are sensitive to the treatment of women. It was time to bring a woman on board at a time when the brand is in the headlines for degrading women.

Then there is Joseph Magnacca, the CEO of a struggling electronic retail brand. Which is what has people wondering, why bring on someone from one struggling brand from another. However, that is what makes it so interesting. Yes, RadioShack is struggling, but it is still open. People wonder why RadioShack has not closed years ago and it hasn’t. Something is working in that organization to keep the doors open and that something is could be what Magnacca shares with American Apparel.

Surely this is will not be the last we hear of American Apparel.The new board members are tasked with reviewing the results of Charney’s investigation and deciding his fate in the company. Once that decision is made it will be certainly make headlines.

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  1. About time for a change! It’s also well overdue for Terry Richardson.x

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