The Underwhelming Media in Response to Mike Brown

CNN News US Front Page Huffington Post NYT the daily beast USA Today

Recently an unarmed young Black male, Mike Brown, was shot and killed in Missouri by a police officer. Given the recent events of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, the expectations of the media, with their ambitions to follow the next big thing, it would be a media frenzy. However, the response was underwhelming.

Surely, there would be at least one CNN update pop-up on smartphones everywhere. But, there was none. There were more pressing updates about Israel, which is important, but felt like a distraction to what is going on in our backyard. Curious and wanting to know more, the simple answer would be to browse the major news networks online. Again, disappointed. Out of the five news sites (CNN, Huffington Post, New York Times, The Daily Beast, and USA Today), only two featured the story on their US News front pages. Even then, it was a mere side note.

The hashtag #MikeBrown is trending, showing that people are interested and concerned about the matter. People in St. Louis are angry and ready to demonstrate, that seems pretty newsworthy. So why can’t we hear more about it? It won’t be until the media cannot ignore it anymore and ratings or readership depend on it, then the story will have a larger life.

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  1. Because its St. Louis…………

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