The Confusing Brand of Kim Kardashian

BwkhgLqCMAIZGwrIt’s hard not to discuss Kim Kardashian, especially since she has formed an even stronger brand by marrying the infamous Kanye West. The two are constantly making headlines. What is hard, is defining the brand of Kim K. But, Branded Business has possibly cracked the code. Kim Kardashian- West, as she made very clear at the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awrds, is like every other woman.

The reality star came to fame under scandalous circumstances. What has kept her in the limelight is her openness  with her life to her fans in an era of over sharing. When are currently living in a time where we tweet what we’re having for breakfast, Instagram our outfits, and put our daily lives on YoutTube. We have no idea what privacy is. Kim K has done an quite an amazing job of capitalizing on that, while other celebrities fight to keep her private lives private.

People love the Kim K brand, because she lets them see who she is constantly. She lets people in and make them feel like they know her. Kim K is your best friend.

Most recently, many people are wondering how she has gone from a classy lady on Vogue to a sultry vixen in satin sheets for GQ. This is an example of Kim Kardashian of not only being herself, but also the example of a modern woman. Her brand is a little confusing, but so are many other personal brands. Society likes to put women in a box and force labels upon them. This is not real life. Women are many things. They are care givers, educators, business women, philanthropists and sometimes vixens.


Kim Kardashian is being open with all of those things. A lot of women relate to her ever changing roles. That is why her brand works. So most may be confused by her contrasting  magazine spreads. However, there are a lot of women out there who understand the feeling of being Betty Crocker at 9AM and a video vixen at 9PM. Kim Kardashian does not have it all together, she is not perfect, and her roles as a woman are constantly changing. She lets the public see these things and that’s why the public loves her.

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