Why We’re Okay with Michelle Not Joining Fuller House


Many of us have heard the news of the Full House reunion, Fuller House. Fuller House will be a Netflix series with DJ as a widowed mother who raise her kids with Stephanie and Kimmy Gibler. Since the announcement of this series, much of the chatter has surrounded the twins Mary-Kate & Ashley and whether they (or at least one) will return as the adorable Michelle Tanner.

So the big question has been answered, and it’s a ‘NO’. But, we would like to pose new questions. Did we really want to see Mary-Kate & Ashley as Michelle? Can we really go back to little Michelle after being fashion moguls? Would we watch saying ‘awwww look at Michelle’ or ‘why are they doing this’? Their brand has clearly surpassed Full House.

Many of the actors joining the reunion have continued to act and do sitcoms. Or they have not been in the spotlight enough for us to associate them with another brand. So it’s easy to put them back into their old fun roles of Full House. However, the Olsen twins have worked hard to elevate their brand and transcend pass the cute roles of kid actors. To put them back into the role of Michelle would be unrealistic and make the new series inauthentic. The Olsen twins did Fuller House a favor.

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