The Swift Power of Taylor

do-no-reuse-taylor-swift-the-beat-bb36-sarah-barlow-billboard-650Many of us have heard by now the heroic story of how Taylor Swift swayed the multi-billionaire company, Apple to change their policy about Apple Music for the best interest of the musicians.

Well in case you missed it, in a nutshell Taylor wrote an open letter to Apple stating she was pulling her 1989 album from Apple Music. Basically, she was playing the sequel to the Spotify incident. Taylor did not feel it was fair that songwriters, artists, and producers would not be paid for the first three months of Apple Music, because the company decided to give a free trial during that time period. Within 24 hours, Apple responded and all artists involved would be compensated for those three months. By the look of Taylor’s tweet, she was definitely happy.

Talk about quick, or should we say swift. Just like that, Taylor changed the dynamics of the complicated relationship between artists and streaming services. It is no secret that Taylor has been vocal about musicians being paid for their work. She values her craft and the hard work for others and she is not afraid to say it.

Now this is a woman who is easily selling out stadiums and selling millions of albums at a time when the music industry is struggling. So, there must be a method to her madness. What if more of our favorite artists pulled their albums from Spotify or any other streaming devices? With that accessibility gone, would we be more willing to buy albums? Would the music industry resuscitate? This seems to be a formula Taylor is willing to try and well success looks good on her.

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