Why Rihanna isn’t Riding the Tidal Wave for BBHMM

This past week Rihanna released her video premier of ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’ Many are grateful that this video is available on VEVO, and not exclusively on Tidal. Some may wonder why, since she does have such close ties with Jay-Z.
One reason could be, she tried that already. Rihanna released her American Oxygen video exclusively on Tidal. The only problem was there wasn’t much chatter about it. There wasn’t as much of a word about whether the video was good or bad. The lack of buzz is due to the fact that Tidal is still struggling to get their subscribers up. No one can talk about it, if they haven’t seen it.
That leads us to reason number two. Rihanna already has the audience on VEVO. Her channel has over six billion views and 16 million subscribers. If she continued to give exclusive content to Tidal she runs the risk of excluding a huge audience. Those are the people who will talk about her latest video, share it on Facebook, and tweet about their favorite moments, which would give her more exposure. RiRi has done an amazing job of creating those great numbers on VEVO, why would she neglect them? Quite simply, ignoring millions of people who could give you free publicity would be pretty stupid.

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