How Meek Mills Came Out on Top…Sort Of

While rap fans continue to pick a side in this Drake and Meek Mill beef. However, we can’t help but wonder if Meek Mills came out as a winner…at least on the business side. Since Meek Mills called out Drake on Twitter about not writing his own lyrics, it has brought major attention to himself and his latest album.

When Meek Mills took to Twitter to challenge drake on not writing his own music it caught major attention. Fans waited for Drake’s response, although it did not take the form of a tweet. Drake responded with not one, but two dis tracks. These two tracks sent the world of music in a frenzy. Then, fans waited again for Meek’s response, which was released it one late night and you might call it a snooze. It left the industry questioning Meek Mills as an hip hop artist.
While many fans, critics, and other rappers claim that Meek Mill clearly lost this battle, but he may have won the war of publicity. Drake is a household name, while on the other hand only the rap world really knew Meek until now. Everyone wanted to know who Drake was beefing with, why they were beefing, and what was this album he was talking about. This back and forth with Drake brought major attention to Meek’s album and to him, the radio has been playing his single Rico non stop, and now he is known more than Nicki Minaj’s fiancé. This squabble has resulted in Meek Mill gaining major brand exposure.


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