Periscope Made It’s Runway Debut


If you weren’t invited to New York Fashion Week, hopefully you had Periscope. What once used to be an exclusive event for press and buyers, became open to all who had the app.

Many brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, used Periscope to build a buzz by giving their followers exclusive behind the scenes footage. Other brands, inspired by the social sharing of Periscope, took the idea a step further. Alexander Wang had a live stream available on it’s website. To top that, Ralph Lauren shared their live stream of the show on billboards in the UK.

Of course, editors took advantage of the live streaming app by showing their chaos of NYFW from their point of view. It easily felt as if you were there, with the commotion of others and heads often blocking the view.

A few years ago this would have been an impossible feat. However, it is not surprising to see the fashion industry use Periscope for it’s biggest events, as it was the app’s earliest adopter.

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