Hood By Air Takes The Empire

Just when you thought Empire couldn’t get any better…then it did. The highly rated network series is pairing up with Hood By Air to create merch.

Shayne Oliver proved to be a  stan of the show by using Tariji P. Henson’s voice in HBA’s Fall 2015 presentation. Oliver told Vogue, “To use the vocals in the show, it just gave off good energy. It means you’re here to rip heads off. Cookie’s the first thing out here in a while that feels punk.”

With that in mind and the success of HBA, there was no question Oliver was the perfect man to create Empire’s branded merchandise. Of course there couldn’t be just regular sweatshirts with the show’s logo. No, that’s way too common for Empire. These pieces will capture the scandal of the show that everyone loves and marry HBA’s signature style. Don’t worry the infamous pillow Cookie tried to use to kill Lucious will be on sale in keychain form. 

You can grab these items today, just in time for to watch Cookie! 

01-hba-empire-top_nxmlys hba-empire-bottom-01_nxmm0x

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