Discover The Wall Street Journal

On Snapchat that is. Snapchat signs The Wall Street Journal as a new publisher on Discover. It is unclear when The Journal will join, but the partnership as been confirmed by multiple sources.

While it may seem like an odd pairing, it could certainly be mutually beneficial for Snapchat and The Journal. In a time where traditional print publications are becoming a rare breed, they need to evolve to stay relevant. This is a great opportunity for The Wall Street Journal to get in front of the millennial generation, who may not have ever picked up a print version of the publication. This new venture may be a great way to create loyal fan base.

For Snapchat, it may bring new audience to the platform, possibly an older demographic. The Journal’s Discover could be a great place to get your news on the go. Although right now we do not know what The Journal will look like on Discover, it is safe to assume there will be some finance news featured there, which will be  a new component among the other Discover outlets.

It is interesting to watch traditional news outlets are adapting to keep up with new technology and capture the attention of millennials.

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