Beyonce and Topshop: A Match Made In Heaven

It is known that Topshop is Queen B’s favorite store. So, of course the hive has been patiently waiting for a collab. Topshop over the weekend has announced they are finally creating a collection with Beyonce, so let the hive buzz for joy.

The collection is set to launch in March. Just in time as we shed our winter layers and start to show some skin. The collection is expected to be the ultimate athleisure line. It will include footwear, accessories, and clothing.


Beyonce has expressed her excitement for the partnership by stating, “I could not think of a better partner… I have always loved Topshop for its fashion credentials and forward thinking.”

This isn’t Beyonce’s first collection with a fast fashion label. In 2013, she developed a swimwear line with H&M.

Topshop is known for their celebrity collaborations. In the past, they have teamed up with Kate Moss, Kate Bosworth, and the infamous Kylie & Kendall Jenner. These exclusive collections is a great tactic for Topshop to position itself as fresh and exciting brand every couple of months. It will keep Topshop at the top of consumers minds.


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