Drake’s Diss Track Gets a Grammy Nomination


Who knew Meek’s “Twitter Fingers” would lead to Drake getting a Grammy nomination?

Back in July, Meek Mills took to Twitter to call Drake out for allegedly using a ghost writer. Drake did not hesitate to respond with not one, but two diss tracks.

The second track, Back to Back, not only annihilated Meek, but it became one of the hottest tracks of the summer. It was impossible to get in the car and not hear on the radio at least three times.

Fast forward and it has been nominated for a Grammy nomination, Best Rap Performance. This is the first time a diss track has been nominated.

Drake did not cower away from this battle, even if Meek is dating his best friend. Drake rose to the occasion. He had something to prove.  Drake used the opportunity that he is one of the best rappers in the game. He made sure the battle was not forgotten and everyone knew who the winner was.

Drake went into this with a clear strategy. He did not release any regular underground, hip-hop diss track. He made sure it lyrically superior, but also radio friendly. The combination ensured the track would be played over and over again, and serve as a constant reminder that Drake is the better rapper. Drake has elevated the art of diss tracks.

It is clear that he has officially won the war.

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