Why Now, Meek?

Several months later, Meek Mills decides to break his silence and responds to Drake’s dis tracks on a surprise EP, 4/4. We are definitely not rappers, but it seems a little late to respond to a dis track.


But, why now? Meek missed a clear window to respond to Drake. We have been listening to Back to Back all summer and now Meek wants to chime in? There is no doubt that Meek needed to put some thought into his next track when coming for Drake, especially after Toronto’s finest slaughtered him. However, he waited so long the streets are skeptical of these new tracks. Like, did Meek call in back up for this new EP? Does Meek have a ghost writer? Some would think so.

Or maybe, Meek was over the beef, but then Drake was was nominated for a Grammy and the salt immediately begin to build up. He can claim that he is not, but the opening line of ‘Gave Em Hope,’ says a lot. Meek starts the verse with, “Let them Ni**as have the Grammys, we have the streets!”

This is after I’m Da Plug Freestyle, where Meek has some choice words for Drake. He opens the freestyle mimicking Drake’s successful Jumpman songs and responds with, “Was that my girl’s tour or the world tour? / I do not know what you p—y n—-s goin’ for / This that 100K a night when you perform tour / Swimmin’ in that good p—y while you’re on tour.” Thanks for clearing that up Meek, because we were so worried.

If you have been following the blogs, then you know that the focus from Meek’s EP switched from Drake to 50 Cent. That’s because Meek has found a fellow Twitter Thug. Drake is the strong quiet type, who will kill them in the studio. On the other 50 Cent, is a worthy opponent who will give him the social media attention Meek Mills so desperately desires. Maybe Meek should spend more time writing decent music, so he can be nominated for a Grammy.

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