Macklemore Calls Out White Privilege…And You’re Mad?

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released a new song, White Privilege. Yes you guessed it, the song is about white privilege and people had a lot to say about it.

The rapping duo are known to discuss social issues. Sooner or later race was bound to come up. However, many felt that this was a gimmick for more attention. The song did gain massive amount of attentions, but not necessarily the attention expected. Usually artists are rewarded for their honesty, but not this time.

White privilege has been an ongoing discussion forever, but it has gained popularity since the establishment of the Black Lives Matter movement. Parallel to that, within the Hip-Hop community specifically, there has been an increase discussion of cultural appropriation as more white rappers step into the game. Rap fans who are predominately black are upset with white rappers or entertainers who use the culture for their benefit, but will not stand by the community’s side when things gets tough. Basically, “everyone wants to be black until it is time to be black.”

So here is Macklemore, being honest, calling white people out on their shit and it’s still not good enough. He even calls out Iggy Azalea, who has been the main focus of cultural appropriation. But, can you really be mad at a white man rapping about white privilege? Especially when he is calling out the white community on things that the black community only assumed, but could never confirm. He’s blatantly admitting that white people are wrong. And controversy with a mix of politics always makes for good music.


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