A World Without Kanye’s Twitter Rants

Lately, Kanye has had a lot to say, especially on Twitter. Every time a new rant appears on our feeds we roll our eyes, but we avidly tune in. We retweet our favorites, we screenshot the shocking ones and send them to our friends, some of us may even print them out to use as cubicle inspiration to get through the day.

So what is our infatuation with Kanye. Well, it’s very simple, everyone loves an asshole (just look at how well Donald Trump is doing). Assholes say what everyone is thinking, but we’re too worried about being politically correct to actually say it. That’s Kanye for us, for everyone to watch.

Kanye is so undeniably talented, that we will always be rewarded no matter what he says. That is why he does it. Quite frankly, Kanye knows he’s  the ish, so he says what he wants. And let’s be honest, sometimes what he says is downright foolish. But, for the most part there is a lot of truth there that no one wants to acknowledge.

Kanye is a true artist, in the fact that he uses his platform to shed light on the issues. Whether it is on his next album or on Twitter.  We’re living in a world where we try so hard to not ruffle any feathers, it’s refreshing and a little addicting to hear a little honesty. Maybe we should all embrace our inner Kanye, who knows we may enjoy it.

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