Not Your Grandmother’s Coach

With the rise of fast fashion and ever changing trends, traditional brands we grew up with and loved have been struggling to keep up and stay relevant. Coach is no different.

Acknowledging their obstacles, Coach presented a turnaround plan in 2013. Since then, the brand has been making strides to increase sales and gain consumer attention. As many of us know, change takes time. Under the creative direction Stuart Vevers, Coach has surpassed sales estimations, remodeled their stores, and has started to position the brand as fashion forward. IMG_0030

Most recently, Coach hosted a party in their SoHo location to show off their new spring collection. Collection is a way cooler wardrobe for Little House on the Prairie (and we mean that in the best way possible).

The color palette was complete with forest greens, neutrals, and complimentary  floral prints. True to Coach’s signature, there was impeccable leather pieces that acted as a contrast to light weight fabrics that displayed delicate flowers. On to what you really want to know about…the bags! The bags kept the traditional structure of a Coach bag, but were painted with bold colors. As a whole the collection was true to the brand, but refreshingly youthful.

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