Wtf is Multiracial, Kanye?

Calling all multiracial women was the tweet Kanye shared for his casting call for Season 4.

In a time when race is a hot button topic, it brings the question what exactly is a multiracial woman? People had questions, which was followed by outrage.


It is assumed that Kanye has presumably married his ideal of beauty, Kim Kardashian. And Kim K is the multiracial woman that most consumers measure their beauty standards against. Some might say that Kim K is the poster child for multiracial beauty. But, of course, it wouldn’t be fair to lump Kimye, we mean Kim and Kanye together all the time. So, what is the definition of a multiracial woman? And why isn’t one race good enough? The black race, in particular, being that Kanye is black and one race.

most-expensive-sneakers-2015-1-1200x800Let’s be clear, Kanye has made history in sneaker culture. Every time he releases a pair of Yeezys, they easily resale for over $1,000. In 2015, five of the top 20 most valuable sneakers were Yeezys. Kanye clearly has the power to provide opportunities for people of color. However, he put a limit to it by asking for a specific type of race, in this cases races. Instead of continuing to make strides in the fashion industry, he is following their lead on this by putting a limit on fashion saying what race is acceptable.

Then again, knowing Kanye he did that with this expected reaction and we’re playing right into his game.

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