Solange Reminds Us That We Belong

Has anyone ever made you feel less than? Made you feel unequal or unworthy? Or even made you feel like you don’t belong? You can’t quite put you’re finger on it, but you feel like it’s because of your skin color. It’s not quite racism, but it’s definitely unjust and unfair. These encounters happen all too often and Solange sheds light on it in her essay on Saint Heron. She eloquently describes what it is like to be a person of color.

You don’t feel that most of the people in these incidents do not like black people, but simply are a product of their white supremacy and are exercising it on you without caution, care, or thought.

It all started with her having a family outing to a concert that some felt she did not belong to and proceeded to throw trash at her. These occurrences are not uncommon. As a person of color,you are very in tune with micro aggressions and snarky comments. Some may still read it and feel she is making something out of nothing or being sensitive. Some will insist that it is not racism. For others, hopefully it shed a light and will start some much needed, but uncomfortable conversations. Everyone deserves to feel that they belong, because they do.

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