Diversity: The Underrated Trend of Fashion Week

It feels like every time fashion week comes around, publications write these articles saying how much the industry needs diversity and then go on to share an article or two highlighting these innovative brands who decided to use more than one person of color in their show.
But to be honest, we’re over it. We’re tired of seeing these same articles over and over again with little to no outcome. According to Allure, the Council of Fashion Designers of America released a letter encouraging designers to be racially inclusive. They started to push diversity in 2007, nearly ten years ago, and it is still an issue today. Designers still need encouragement.
By marching hundreds of the same looking model, millions are isolated. There are so many girls and women who cannot relate to these skewed ideals of beauty.  This is exactly why blogs such as this one were created. Mainstream media and the fashion industry has done us a disservice. They failed to show the various forms of beauty that covers the globe. It is time that we really start to praise diversity. Celebrate diversity. Let’s stop with the one diversity piece and start to share more positive images of diversity. Lead by example.
And the pretty rundown plans to do just that. More coming soon.

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