Music Therapy to the Black Frustration 

 Beyoncé’s Formation, Ty Dolla $’s Campaign, and the latest, Solange’s A Seat At The Table. What do they have in common? They all express some form of the black community’s mindset during the current era of craziness.
Donald Trump is running for president on the basis that he will build a wall. Unarmed black women and men are being killed. To be clear, the violation of rights is not uncommon between police and blacks, however since Trayvon Martin, camera phones, and even body cameras it has been publicized more than before. Although this issue has been covered more and has had additional resources there has still been little convictions. Thus leaving the black community to feel  defeated. It’s like we’re fighting a war on multiple fronts without any allies.
ty-dolla-sign-campaignMusic has always been a reflection of the times. Just think about N.W.A’s Fuck the Police. Fast forward, when Michael Brown died various artists created Don’t Shoot and the list could go on with tribute songs for fallen black men. But now, with the increase of crazy and frustrations the need for a voice is growing. Of course the Queen B started to create some buzz with Formation and then ultimately with Lemonade where she featured the mothers of black men who have died unjustly.
Then moving forward, Ty Dolla $ explores the exploitation of the black community for votes in this so called presidential race.
solange-1475015356-compressedFinally, there is Solange. Hundreds, thousands, and probably millions of social media posts poured in from consumers who listened to her album, A Seat at the Table. Her musical project that accurately tells listeners what it is like to be a black woman in a white man’s world. The response has been overwhelming, because there is an overwhelming amount of woman who could relate as it is their reality.
Right now the black community is looking for a voice and it looks as though the music industry is giving it to them.

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