The Fall Uniform

The air is crisp and leaves are falling, so you know what that means…it’s time to break out the plaid. I’m not sure who determined plaid as the fall uniform, but I’ve definitely seen an increase since the seasons have changed. So, I decided to share my take on the look.
I decided to put my spin on it with some over the top gold chains. Because, why not. And at the same time make it cozy with a grandpa sweater (elbow patches included). In theory, this outfit shouldn’t work, but it just does.
Of course, this look couldn’t be complete without the perfect fall boots. The boots you see here are from Guess. My mom always told me, when shopping for boots, go for a rubber sole. And that was the best piece of fashion advice. With these babies, I can walk for blocks, no problem.
I took my gold chains off before work, because I wasn’t sure if they worked for Corporate America. But, you get the point. 

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