The Weekly Rundown

The rundown of the pretty and the ugly from this past week in case you missed it.

hillaryHillary’s emails were still a thing with less than a week from the election, but the FBI backed down.

lil wayne.png

Lil’ Wayne told us his life matters to his bitches (yes, you read that right) and then quickly regretted it.
The job report came out and the unemployment rate is down, 4.9% to be exact, but the Republicans aren’t happy.
The Chicago Cubs won the World Championship and the fans were like…”Finally!!”
solange SNL.jpg
The Knowles sisters took over our lives. First, Beyonce joined the Dixie Chicks at the CMAS. Country music fans weren’t totally aligned with that decision. A day later, Beyonce and Jay-Z told us they were with her and reminded us to vote with a concert. Finally, Solange joined the SNL cast to let us know, no you still can’t touch her hair.

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