The Weekly Rundown

There was a lot happening this week. So, in case you missed it.

Twitter wants to help you block out the trolls. They updated the mute button to allow users to mute phrases and key words.
Obama takes one last tour around the world, mostly to coddle world leaders and assure them we elected the right guy. But, America asking, did we?
The officer who shot Philando Castile was charged with manslaughter. Philando was one of many black men who was shot and killed by an officer. His girlfriend captured it all on Facebook Live.
Over 20,000 donations have been made to Planned Parenthood in the name of Mike Pence, who’s pro-life btw.
Kanye West didn’t vote, but said if he did then he would have voted red. Que the Twitter rants.
Occupants of Trump Place are embarrassed, so they petitioned to have the name removed from the building.
In more Trump news, the president-elect has demanded an apology from the Hamilton cast. The cast put on a special version of their show when they heard Mike Pence was in the building. They asked that him and his administration uphold their inalienable rights when they take office. He smooth walked out.

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