Kanye Teaches Us Self-Care Is Crucial

Kanye West has been in the hospital for nearly a week for paranoia, which just followed Kid Cudi leaving rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. Celebrities going to rehab and battling mental illness isn’t anything new, however it is for a Black celebrity male. While there are many conversations swirling about whether or not we saw this coming with Kanye, but there is an opportunity to have real conversations regarding mental health in the Black community.

It is no secret that within the Black community when it comes to mental illness, we leave it up to God. Professional help such as rehab or therapy is not up for discussion. There is the perception that admitting there is a problem can be an admission of weakness.

We’re living in a time where our President-elect has made racist remarks, majority of America accepted his culture of hate, and it is open-season on young Black Americans. Let’s be honest, it’s times like this when weakness seems like it cannot be an option. At the same time, it’s times like this when you can feel weak and beat up by your environment. These are the same times when self-care is crucial.

Kanye West has been a pivotal figure in the hip-hop and black community. It may have been hard for him and his family, but he is setting a crucial example. Going forward, hopefully more Black people, more Black men will see the strength in his choice and know that it is okay to look for help. Professional help does not equate weakness, it is a form of self-love. Love yourself, because you deserve it.

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