Sneakerheads: From Athletes to Rappers

First it was Jordan, Ewing, Kobe, Lebron, and even Shaq. And now, it’s Pharrell, Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, and of course Kanye. What are we talking about? Sneakers!

Bryson Tiller recently announced a partnership with Nike, which had us wonder when did we go from athletes sponsoring sneakers to musicians. When did we go from being like Mike to being like Ye?


Sneakers were what we wore to the gym and on the court. So it was obvious that we looked to the best athletes to get their recommendations on what to wear, even if it was their own. But, as the style evolved, so did the function. Sneakers went from being a gym necessity to a fashion statement.

Fast forward, Lebron and Kevin Durant’s KDs are the last standing of the cool athletic sneaker. Now everyone wants Yeezys, Kanye’s Adidas made sneakers. Yeezy have the highest resale value. You can’t keep them on the shelf, but they are definitely not made to ball in. What makes them the go to sneaker. Well it’s made by Kanye, that’s definitely a draw. Then they have that minimalism style that’s speaks to millennial’s aesthetic.


As sneakerhead culture evolved, so did its partnerships. When it comes to style and trends we look at celebrities, especially musicians for inspiration. We are no longer looking to athletes for sneakers. The super flashy, made to ball high top sneakers are dead. We don’t want to ball, we want to be fly.


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