Weekly Rundown

Giving you the rundown on what we’ve been talking about at the water cooler this week.


This week we have been saying goodbye to President Obama. He gave his farewell address in Chicago and we all reacted with tears on social media, mostly with gifs. He then gave Vice President Biden the Medal of Freedom, with distinction. We cried some more social media tears.

At the Golden Globe, Tracee Ellis Ross made history by winning a Globe that no black woman has won in more than 30 years and Meryl Streep gave an insightful speech stating Hollywood is full of foreigners.
In politics, President-Elect Trump held his first press conference where he refused to let CNN ask a question claiming that they are fake news. Side note, it seems as though any news that he doesn’t like is automatically fake or failing.

A campaign has ensued called #StopSessions, where citizens and politicians do not want Senator Sessions to become Attorney General. Senator Booker has broken tradition by speaking out against a fellow Senator. Legend, Representative John Lewis also spoke against Sessions, which led Trump to claim that he is not about action. Everyone responded like, “ummm read a history book.”

The Knowles Sisters gave us another seat at the table, with a intimate interview between the two of them.
Those keeping up with the Kardashians, you’ll be glad to know Kim’s robbers have been found.
Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of killing nine church goers in South Carolina

Kodak Black gave an interested interview at the Breakfast Club.

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