Bring Me My Camel

Believe it or not, I have the hardest time getting dressed in the winter, especially for work. When it’s cold out, I just want to wear cozy sweats and the last thing I’m thinking about is trying to look approachable. I often choose warmth over cute. But, working in Corporate America that is not quite an option.


When you don’t know what to wear go back to the basics. If I didn’t learn anything else from Catholic School, I learned not to underestimate the power of a white button down. When you put one on, you immediately look put together. When I was in school, my mom never spent a lot of money on my white shirts, because they often got irreversible stains from me doing God knows what or they would get lost from me changing for a volleyball game. My shirts often came from Target and they still do. The shirt you’re looking at cost me $12 from the boys section. I go to the boys section, personally I like the cut better.


Now, who can go wrong with a nice pair of denim. Plain blue jeans are cool, but I’m fully embracing the distressed denim trend with these stichings on my jeans to show some personality. You may have to be buttoned up at work, but you don’t have to be boring.


This winter, I felt a camel coat was necessary to prove (mostly to myself) that I’m a big girl now. Of course, the puffy jacket is the go-to for low temps, but a camel coat is a great way to look polished and stay warm.


Be sure to layer underneath and find a cute hat to bear the cold weather.


And a smile always makes the a cold day better!


What are your winter wardrobe secrets?

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