Now Streaming: Migos, Kehlani, & BBD

There has been so much new music that dropped, I decided to give it a listen and share my thoughts.


First up, Migos’s Culture. After Danny Glover gave them a shout out for Bad & Boujee, this album became highly anticipated to more than just hip-hop fans.

If anyone knows me, then they know I love me some trap music and this takes things to another level. Culture is what I’m calling, “elevated trap.” Trap music is what you usually listen to aimlessly in the car and dance to in the club. But, Culture is different. They elevate the sound by using more than just a beat maker. They put interesting sounds together that range from flutes to growl, which results in this unique sound that is definitely going to make an impact on the culture.


After You Should Be Here, I was a Kehlani fan. So, when SweetSexySavage dropped, one song at a time I followed patiently until the full album was released. And when the complete album was on Apple Music, I listened to it over and over again.

Kehlani’s has blessed us with that sweet sound of R&B in a time when we consider Drake an R&B artist. Before all the Drake fans jump to defend him, he is a great artist, but he’s pop not R&B. SweetSexySavage is R&B, complete with smooth vocals and lyrics about love and heartbreak. Kehlani explores the different stages of relationships with this underlying theme that men are accessories rather than necessities. It’s safe to say this will be in my rotation for awhile.


I’m sure a lot of us are feeling nostalgic after watching BET’s The New Edition Story, so you may want to give Bell Biv Devoe’s Three Stripes a listen. True to the BBD sound, it’s where hip-hop and R&B meets. You can expect to hear strong harmonies, something we don’t get enough of today, over some 90s beats. I can’t lie, I did skip around a bit, but Finally and Run were definitely my favs.

Let me know what you think once you give these albums a listen.

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