Dascha Polanco Slays NYFW

Orange Is The New Black star, Dascha Polanco showed up to New York Fashion Week the best way possible, nearly nude and completely stunning.


Polanco arrived to the The Blonds New York Fashion Week in a black and white body suite. She completed her outfit with a pink floor length pink coat that had flowers and an image of the Virgin Mary.

Polanco is known to be fashion forward. And this time was no different as she bared it all. Some people try to be sexy, try to be something they’re not and it’s obvious. It’s clear they are not comfortable in their skin or what they are wearing. The first rule of fashion is to be comfortable in what you have on and forget what people think, that will lead to confidence.

Polanco does exactly that. The way she embraces her curves and refuses to apologetic for her body is what makes her beautiful. It’s always sexy to see a woman own who she is and hopefully she has inspired more women to do just that.


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