The Weekly Rundown

Giving you the rundown on what happened this past week.

Protestors Rally At Stonewall Inn Against Withdrawal Of Transgender Protections

First it was women, immigrants, and now the LGBT community is next on Trump’s list to piss off. He reversed Obama’s policy that allows transgender students to use bathrooms with their gender identity, rather than their birth certificate. Laverne Cox, actress and activist, immediately got busy speaking out against this. Caitlyn Jenner also spoke out, but everyone looked at her and said “Bye, Felicia, you voted for him.”

On a quiet Saturday Afternoon, Remy Ma unleashed a diss track for Nicki Minaj and it got personal. Like, people were wondering if Meek Mills helped out. So far, Nicki Minaj replied with Twitter fingers, more like Instagram fingers. She posted a video of Beyonce saying she’s the queen of rap, another post about Remy Ma’s album sales,  and misdirecting her anger towards Trey Songz on Twitter. Needless to say, the response has been weak and we’re waiting for more.

Sad news for the Beyhive, at least if you have Coachella tickets, because Beyonce announced that she will not be performing and that’s doctor orders.

Get Out, the new thriller movie directed by Jordan Peele, has started quite a stir. The movie sheds light on modern day racism and it’s making white people a little uncomfortable.

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