Bloggers Take Note From Shea Moisture: Insights Matter

A few weeks ago Shea Moisture released a new commercial and Twitter exploded. Something was missing…their main customer! Shea Moisture isolated their biggest consumer, women of color. When I watched the commercial, I had a few questions. Did anyone check the analytics of their social pages? Did anyone check their demographics? What was the insight? At the very least, did anyone watch the commercial before it went live?

We could dissect the Shea Moisture situation all day and a lot of people did. Shea Moisture’s fail can be a learning lesson for many bloggers. Some people find analytics boring, daunting, and don’t even bother. But, analytics can be the guiding light to your content. Getting to know your audience can help grow your following in multiple ways. When you create good content crafted to your audience it leads to more engagement. When your followers enjoy your content, they will share and become your biggest advocates, leading to new readers.

So, how do we get there? First, take advantage of your social platform analytic offerings. Twitter, Facebook Pages, and WordPress all offer some type of analytics. Your social media analytic tools will show your top performing content based on engagements; likes, comments, retweets or shares. WordPress data can show you where your readers are coming from, how they found your content, and post views. Take note of your top performing content and use that as a guide for future content. Look at where your followers are from and consider creating location based content. Once you get the hang of the basic analytics, check out Google Analytics. It gives you more detailed information for your blogs, for example how long a viewer stayed on one page.

Those are just some few tips I have for your for now. Let me know if this was helpful or hit me up on Twitter!

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