The Weekly Rundown

Giving you a rundown on the past week and it’s a busy one. As a matter of fact, someone pass me my covfefe!

First, out prayers go out to London as they experienced another attack on the London Bridge. Van drove into several pedestrians on the bridge and then moved on to a local market in the area where they went on a stabbing rampage.

Ariana Grande made a visits fans at a local Manchester hospital, following the attack at her concert.

On a happier note, Happy Pride Month! In an effort of equality, Ben & Jerry’s refuses to serve same flavor scoops of ice cream until they legalize same sex marriage in Australia.

Tiger Woods recently was arrested for mixing prescriptions and driving under the influence. After years of debates, the police department confirmed he’s Black.

The N-Word was the word of the week. Lebron James house was defiled with a racial slur on the eve of the first game of The Finals, making it clear that it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s still tough being Black in America. And to make things worse, the Cavs lost Game 1. 

Bill Maher also felt compelled to say the word, and no he was not singing Kanye’s Gold Digger like most of you like to do in the club (and you have to stop). Bill referred to himself as a house slave, but Larry King swears he’s not racist. [Insert eye roll.]

In case you missed, Bryson Tiller released some new music. To be honest, you can still miss it.

Here’s the look of the week, straight off of Memorial Day Weekend.


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