My Obsession With Leotards

It’s impossible to walk through a Forever21, scroll through MissGuided or ASOS without passing a leotard or body suit. Every girl has at least one in her wardrobe. That’s fine, but I’m here to tell you I did it first and it all started with Capezio.

Okay, I wasn’t like the first, first. Being the daughter of a dance teacher I was enrolled in plenty of classes with even more leotards to choose from. When my Mom picked me up on Saturday mornings, she would urge me to just put my pants or skirt over my leotard I wore to class. At the time, I was not into that look.

Asos Leotard 1

But then I grew up and the leotard options got better. I’m sure any dancer will tell you that Capezio has some pretty cute options. Even when I stopped dancing, I would still steal one of my Mom’s leotards to wear when I went to hang out with my friends on the weekends.

ASOS Leotard 4

Somewhere between then and now, more and more women started to wear leotards. Fast fashion brands have been picking up on the trend and making more available to the masses. I’m personally loving it. Leotards are becoming a bit more creative and a lot sexier. Just look at the cutouts on this one I’m wearing from ASOS. I don’t think I would be allowed in class with this one. But, for now I’m content with keeping it simple and throwing some jeans on. How do you wear your leotards?

ASOS Leotard 2

P.S. If you’re wondering what’s going on with my turban, it’s not a fashion statement. I was deep conditioning my hair and ended up looking cute.

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